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This is the page to come to for all the lastest info on the family reunion. THIS PAGE UPDATED March 14 2006

FAMILY REUNION: JULY This Year 2006 (This UP coming summer).
PLEASE PAY YOUR REUNION DUES, As soon as possible!.

The REUNION will be in, UT (Just outside Salt Lake) the 1st Saturday of JULY, 2006 (that's July 1st, Year 2006), or so rumor has it. We have not yet been told, we have even gone to the second family web site at myfamily.com, and nothing detailing the reunion. Personally we are rather disappointed on the lack of news. People due need to schedule Vacations.

Another reason we have brought back this web site and updated it. We will keep you posted just as soon as we get the word, it will be on this web site. Our goal is to keep the site more up to date now that our health and other personal issues have been resolved.
Here is an Update:

Updated 3/19.2006
Received the following email from Jerry Alexander today.

Kjelstrom Reunion is set for July 1st, 2006 in Salt Lake City (actually Murray) at the Germania Park from 12:00 to 5:00 MDT. The park is near Fay Thims place and is very easy to find (a map is attached), the turnoff from 5400 So. is "Murray Parkway Ave.". A new signal light has been installed there, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. It is also the turnoff to Fay's. There will be a BBQ of burgers, & hot dogs with all the trimmings including salads and drinks (sorry, NO alchohal allowed). There will be lots of things happening and things to do like games, raffles, prizes (nice stuff) and just an all out family bash. So, bring some cash for the auction and all the Kjelstrom spirit you can. Remeber, the auction is the way the Kjelstrom family maintains the funds for these events, so bring an auction item (if you can) of $5.00 - $10.00 value or any craft item that you might think would be nice for the auction.
Oh, yes, DUES!!!
Please send your dues of $20.00 per household (family living under same roof) to Fay Thim. You may bring your dues at time of reunion, but sending it in before is prefered.
For those who would like to come early for the long 4th of July weekend, a gathering has been set up at the Chestnut Place clubhouse (Fay's condominium clubhouse) on Friday, June 30th at 5:00. Everyone usually comes to visit Fay beforehand anyway, so why not make it a "pre-union". Pizza is planned for a meal on a contribution basis, but soft drinks will be provided (BYOB).
If you need further information or have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to call or email myself (Jerry Alexander) or Fay Thim. You can find our email and other information on this site by clicking on "members".

Here's a map of the area

Updated 3/14/2006:
Received the following email from Jerry Alexander today. I have cut and pasted the entire email.

Subject: Family Reunion 2006
The Kjelstrom/Sylvester Family Reunion is coming July 1st, 2006.
This is a preliminary notice - more news to come.
Are you getting ready????? Are dues paid?????? - Please send to or call Fay Thim.
See ya there - OR - be square!
Get your own family web site at www.MyFamily.com!
End of the email.
I'll keep you posted, on any other news as it becomes available.
Allan Kjelstrom

Anyone who has a talent and wants to share contact Allan B. Kjelstrom (email, to: Reunion@Kjelstrom.Org)

There will be a GENEALOGY report by Lynn L Kjelstrom

Email your thoughts, suggestions and comments to


Mail all Reunion Dues to Fay Thim!
Make checks payable to:
Kjelstrom Family Organization
Mail to:
Fay Thim
Kjelstrom Family Organization
5373 Old Trinton Way
Murray, UT 84123

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